Cookies and Bars

Raspberry Linzer Cookies

Cookies: any flavor can be made vegan and/or with whole grain flours

Chocolate chip

Oatmeal chocolate chip –  try these with coconut!

Dark chocolate chip with orange

Double chocolate chip

Double chocolate chip with peanut butter

Specialty cookies:

Raspberry linzer

Mexican wedding

Coconut macaroons – try them dipped in ganache!

Sugar cookies: plain or decorated

Homemade Milanos: sugar cookies double stacked with dark chocolate and peppermint

Chocolate peanut butter with blackberry or raspberry jam


Double chocolate brownies or brownie bites – for a truly decadent treat, try topped with ganache

Pecan bars – shortbread crust with an over the top pecan filling

Lemon bars – shortbread crust with fresh lemon custard filling, dusted with powder sugar

Granola – choose your favorite combination of nuts and dried fruit
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