Feed Your Soul

When was the last time you had the best time ever?  Had way too much fun?  Laughed until your belly hurt?  Or when colors seemed brighter, food tasted better, and you felt genuinely happy and at peace?

For me, I think of falling in love,

visiting my family,

sharing moments with my best friends,

and traveling.

Traveling feeds my soul on a deep level.  In 2002, I lived in Australia for 5 months.  Each day I was over seas, I woke up wondering what sort of fun adventure would I go on today?  What wonderful food will I eat?  What memories will be made?  I experienced heightened senses – all colors seemed brighter, food tasted better, and every song at a club was absolutely dance-worthy.  I savored each moment abroad and strove to just take everything in, to really live my life.

When I travel, I feel fulfilled and genuinely happy.  But, why do I wait to travel to feed my soul?

On a recent trip to Boston, I realized that what makes my travel experiences so incredible is my commitment to living in the moment.  I take each day as it comes, I savor each conversation with friends, I chalk up everyday stresses such as traffic to being part of the overall experience and I don’t let it bother me.

On my flight home I thought, “What if I could live like this all the time?  What if that euphoric feeling of happiness and peace could be experienced each day?”

My friends, I believe we really can be just that happy and peaceful all the time.  Although it is tempting to complain, whine, and even gossip (I do like to put on my grumpy pants sometimes!), it is also tempting to say that I’ll be happier at a later date.  Like when I graduate.  When I get my dream job.  When I make more money.  When I fit into my skinny jeans.  When I have more time.  When things are perfect.

Sound familiar?

But why wait to be happy?  Why wait to be your true self?  Why put life on hold?

Practicing yoga and baking helps me be grounded, focused, and present.  It’s through these practices that I experience more peace and joy day to day because they are ways for me to feed my soul and feel like myself again – without getting on a plane and traveling to another time zone.

The best gift we can give to ourselves, to others, and even to the whole planet is to just be fully present and engaged.  By doing things that feed your soul, that help you remain engaged and present, you not only nurture yourself, but everyone else around you.  Your peace and happiness are contagious.  Feed your soul and heal the planet.

Imagine a world full of people who do something every single day to care for themselves and others, who are committed to living in the moment.  It would change the world.

I’m making a commitment to practicing this daily.  Here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

  • resume my daily morning meditation and yoga practice
  • write someone a letter (one that requires a stamp) and send it
  • acknowledge someone for how they have touched my life
  • be generous in the forgiveness of others
  • look people in the eye as I say hello
  • eat meals unplugged by turning off the TV, cell phone, and computer
  • send someone a care package just for the fun of it
  • do something just for me, just because.  Pedicure?

I’d love to know how you care for your soul and how that impacts you and others around you.  Please share!

With palms together,



  1. Marla says:

    For me, it’s time in the garden. There is nothing like planting a seed (or planting a bulb in the fall). For me, planting is a radical act of hope and faith. I can’t control the process. I can only tend it. Once the garden is established, every season brings “volunteers” (I don’t have many weeds… a weed is a plant that’s growing where you don’t want it). Some of the volunteers are unwelcome and get treated as weeds, but many are beautiful surprises that may need to be transplanted to another spot to thrive and fit in to the overall picture. The garden requires patience, but as long as it is generally well cared for, it is generally forgiving.

  2. chelsea says:

    Marla, I love this way of caring for your soul, your community, and the planet. I think it would be great if we considered all the “weeds” in our lives as volunteers and found a way to shift them into more productive areas. Thanks for reading!